Armani Hotel Milano

In the center of the renowned fashion city Quadrilatero della Moda, Milano, shines the Hotel Armani in pride with its solid appearance. Giorgio Armani has effectively converted the building belonging to 1930’s to perfect a getaway into quietness and a time of their own for the guests. Blended with the Armani style, the beautiful and calm surroundings will bring you the relief you find in a perfect piece of art. At Armani, you will never miss the home. A thing unique to Armani is it’s Lifestyle mangers who represents the hotel and will act as a host throughout your stay ensuring your needs are well fulfilled so that your stay at Armani and Milno will be an unforgettable experience.

All 95 guestrooms and suites in the hotel are built being adhered to the Armani style and the concepts behind. Giorgio Armani has looked into the design in person and has preferred this location due it’s artistic, fashionable and pleasure arousing nature. Step on, in this ‘glass hat’, into the seventh and eighth floor to find the all the public locations and a breathtaking, panoramic view of the city, including the memorable Duomo and high rising buildings. In the seventh floor, you also find the Armani/Ristorante where you can experience the Italian good art of cooking and eating, an Enoteca to remember forever and a dining room dedicated to you. On the other side, is the Armani/Lounge with the Armani/bamboo bar above the skyline. Uprising ceiling and windows with beautiful shutters and backlit onyx combined with relaxing music brings out the perfect atmosphere for a casual meal, a relaxing tea in the afternoon or an aperitivo before dinner. Spanning over 1,000 square meters in approximate, the Armani/SPA is bound to make a beautiful and peaceful destination and offers many types of treatments and therapies to the guests ensuring good health of both mind and body.