Get Ready for a Memorable Visit to Singapore

Take the Best Pieces of Advice for Singapore Vacation

Is it your first time visiting Singapore? You’ll get plenty of modern trappings and a fine logistics system. There’s no doubt that the country costs a traveler much and you can end up spending a good amount of cash. But don’t worry, we give you guidelines concerning accommodation, ways of traveling, and places to eat in that will help you save some cash and yet have the time of your life in Singapore. Take a look at our survival guide.


It’s Humid There, So Get Yourself a Raincoat

Singapore is famous for its hot and humid weather throughout the year. Temperatures commonly cross 90 degrees (F). Even during the winters, temperatures generally stay above 75 degrees (F). So you’ll require some lightweight clothes in the bag, and a raincoat is an absolute essential. You can expect to be caught in the rain anytime and anywhere.


Find Out About Places in Singapore – Some Excellent Hotels

You can find plenty of hotels situated at a height and get gorgeous glimpses of the skyline of the city. I’ll particularly recommend the Marina Bay Sands for people who are fond of pools. The 57th-floor Observation Deck is an excellent place to take a dip in and capture some memorable moments. Other great hotels that you can stay in include:


  • Sofitel Singapore City Centre.
  • Crowne Plaza Changi Airport.
  • Hotel Boss.
  • Royal Plaza on Scotts.
  • Furama RiverFront.
  • Mandarin Orchard Singapore.


There are plenty of signboards telling visitors about the directions and places on the streets and road. Use online English to Malay translator if you get lost. You need to write down the words that you want to know the meaning of. The app or website will translate it for you, and there won’t be any charges involved.


Singapore Has Water of the Highest Quality

You may safely drink the tap water in Singapore. You can get yourself a good water-bottle with the minimum percentage of plastic in it. There is fresh drinkable water everywhere – thanks to the heavy rains and landscape that allows for the creation of fresh-water streams, lakes, and waterfalls.


Be Ready to Earn Some Good Cash

Singapore isn’t a cheap country. 57th-floor is ranked among the expensive cities all across the world. So if you are going there, be prepared to have your budget taxed more than what you might spend in other Southeast Asian countries. On the contrary, the small size of Singapore makes it adequately explorable in a limited time. The infrastructure is modern and high-tech, but the convenient lifestyle and transport network comes at a fee.


Where to Dine in Singapore for Cheap

Good food is an integral part of any memorable traveling experience. You can eat well and still save some money by skipping the fancy restaurants and hipster cafes and going for the regional hawker centers instead. They are equipped with the most authentic cuisines in Singapore. If you are not sure of the places to visit, stand in the queue that seems the longest. Hawker meals are a little less pricy as compared to the air-conditioned food courts.


Make Use of Public Transport for Traveling in Singapore

The roads and the bus system in Singapore is very well-connected. You can travel to most of the cities without any difficulty and for cheap by using the extensive system of public transport. It is high-tech and very beautifully maintained. You need to have an EZ-Link card with a stored value. It will be useable on all subways and buses. Fare is deducted automatically when a traveler taps the reader at the journey’s start and end. Another money-saving way of traveling in Singapore in sharing a bike with someone.


So Are Your Bags Packed?

If yes, ensure that you have sufficient clothing and accessories to protect yourself from sudden rains. Book your accommodation hotel from an excellent online website that compares the rates of cheap hotels. Get a sense of authentic Singaporean cuisines at the Hawker meals. Move everywhere in Singapore using public transport. There are plenty of convenient options for accommodation, dining, and traveling in Singapore, but they’re expensive. Make the use of our guidelines to plan your trip.