Maldives – Travel paradise in Asia

It was said that “From the Maldives to paradise only by a foot.” Let’s try once leaving the anxious, tiredness behind and enjoy your journey here.

Republic of Maldives is an island country consisting of a group of coral islands of the Indian Ocean, is known as the tourist paradise of Earth with 26 atolls surrounded by a territory featuring 1,190 islets, of which about 200 inhabited islands.

With an area of 600 square kilometers, the Maldives is the smallest Asian country and one of the smallest island nation in the world.

As soon as the plane prepare to land, visitors are greeted by blue sea and white sand. Special charms of the Maldives is the romantic island in the middle ocean, where there is a magical underwater world. Coming here, you’ll feel totally isolated from the outside world and can enjoy the peaceful moments of rest.

The rooms at the resort in the Maldives is priced US $ 800 or more, along with perfect service in the world.

In addition to the usual luxury facilities, each villa also has a “sun deck” (sunbathing yard) where can see the coast with extremely spacious and a straight wooden staircase leads down to the clear water. Private pool on the sundeck not only has the role as a dip site, but also helps visitors enjoy a cocktail while watching the sea.

The weather in the Maldives is very comfortable and ideal for a holiday. After check-in the hotel, you absolutely can stroll along the coral islands, stride on the smooth white sands deposited by hundreds of thousands of coral debris.

Sea corals in the Maldives is so amazing. You do not have to go far to enjoy them, just go along wooden bridge across the coast from the resort or walk a few steps, even at the window in the rooms, you can freely watch coral and many sparkly colorful fishes which swim around.

One day in the Maldives, you can participate in activities such as yoga by the pool, massage, sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, eating … You will have more time to relax, sunbathe, dive in blue water, explore ocean life with green turtles, white sharks and colorful fish among the reefs.

Sea has three green: the bright and pure as emerald in shallow water, the deep blue at the edge of the reef and the subtle violet-blue ocean in the distance.

Those who love adventure will be into this island with sea activities such as surfing, scuba diving or snorkelling. No need to swim farther than 100m, you can see firsthand the colorful fish which swim boldly, fearlessly among colorful coral branches. If you do not like diving, you can lie on the smooth and white sand and enjoy the warm sunshine.

After a day of enjoying the Maldives in the sun, at sunset, you can feel very different beauty of the Maldives. Involving in hydrofoil trip to the resort’s sunset, you have chances to watch the dolphins swim around in the waves.

The night falls, you will see a sky filled with twinkling stars, the moon shining down on the beach. Under the starry sky, visitors can organize outdoor barbecue in the seaside at night.